About Us

Welcome to Kamakani Crystals!  We are humbled that you have considered including us in your crystal journey. 

My name is Janelle and I am the founder of Kamakani Crystals. The company is run by me with the help of two other family members.  My crystal journey began while shopping at a local Saturday open market.  I'm a huge Star Wars fan and proud to share that my very first crystal purchase was that day - a small Darth Vader inspired carving.  It took seconds until I was immediately was drawn into the crystal world.

I was shortly thereafter diagnosed with breast cancer. During treatment I mostly indulged in live, on-line crystal sales.  I also started making crystal bead bracelets for friends, family and patients at my infusion center.  Crystal shopping and bracelet making were added therapy during my cancer journey.  I started to learn more about crystals and their healing properties.  One of my favorite shops from Florida helped pick out an intuitive bundle of crystals to carry with me for extra healing during treatment: golden healer, moss agate, bloodstone and mookaite.  I still carry them with me every day.

My family is from Kaua'i and I was inspired by the name "Kamakani" through my experience as a hula dancer.  Kamakani means "the wind" or "breeze" and it's just a beautiful translation through hula.  You may notice a few island-inspired items in the shop. While my family is still located in the islands, Kamakani Crystals is located here in the mainland. 

Items listed in our store were carefully hand picked by me based on my attraction to crystals.  We hope that you find something in our shop that sparks joy and guides you in your crystal journey.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Mahalo nui loa! 

Kamakani Crystals